Product Name: Red Lentils (Nipper Nugget Red Lentils)

Encompassing a wide range of individual seeds and grains, Australian grown pulses include Lentils, mungbean, Red Lentils (Nipper Nugget Red Lentils).
Highly desirable for human consumption due to high nutritional content and easy food processing methods. Australia’s diverse agricultural conditions and strict bulk handling, storage, and shipping standards ensure a high-quality commodity always reaches our clients.
We, ARRAY Foods team has formed strong professional relationships with pulse growers, particularly those in Western Australia, New South Wales, and South Australia who are the largest domestic producers.

Paired with our excellent interstate and international logistical network, we can offer fast and efficient delivery of pulses to your premises.

More Details:  Grown in Australia, these hearty legumes have a mild, sweet flavor ideal for soups, dhals, dips & curries.

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