Product Name: Automotive Lubricants

We, ARRAY are one of the renowned manufacturer of automotive lubricants which are essential fluids used in cars and other vehicles to keep the various components running smoothly and reduce wear and tear on the engine. They are designed to provide lubrication, protect against corrosion and oxidation, and keep the engine clean.

We, ARRAY are also specialized in synthetic automotive lubricants which are becoming increasingly popular. Because they offer superior performance and protection compared to traditional mineral-based oils.

Other types of automotive lubricants include transmission fluids, differential oils, and brake fluids are also available to us and, each one is designed to perform a specific function and offer maximum efficiency and longevity. 

Our Automotive range includes:

  • Diesel Engine Oils API CF, CF4, CG4, CI4
  • Gasoline Engine Oils API SG, SJ, SL, SM
  • Two Stroke Engine Oils
  • Automotive Gear Oils API GL4, GL5
  • Transmission Fluids Dextron II, III,
  • Transmission Oil Allison C3, C4
  • Tractor Oil 3-in-1
  • Pump Set Oils
  • Brake Fluids
  • Shock Absorber Oil

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